The user experience, a project’s critical success factor
LOCKEN is fully aware that the acceptance by the end user is essential for the success of an access control project. Each day, more than 75,000 engineers and workers of different strategic sectors within Europe use a LOCKEN digital key as a supplementary tool to perform their duties. The good operation of the key is critical, since an extremely high cost would be derived from the implementation of an improper access policy.
5 February 2014 News

Consequently, at LOCKEN, the Service Desk is considered as strategic by nature, thereby evolving every day from our continuously growing experience, with the goal of offering a personalized service. Following the ITIL management recommendations to enhance and improve the user experience, LOCKEN provides a centralized service and a single point of contact for receiving and managing what the ITIL standard names “service calls”. This means all technical incidents/issues, service and administrative requests and, in general, any request for assistance from our customers and users.

With a group of professionals assisting in four different languages ​​to customers around Europe, our challenge is to treat every request as unique, monitor each incident individually and ensure the continuity of the service according to the pre-defined Service Level Agreements (SLAs). LOCKEN understands that this is the only way our users will benefit from the full experience that our system provides, guaranteeing the customer satisfaction and the rapid return on investment.

Industries and clients

Locken is a best-in-class partner for large, multi-site companies. Its access control solutions are controlled by a single software package for various industries. Its solutions are particularly suited to critical infrastructure and companies with many remote sites, and designed to simplify and protect access to administrative buildings and industrial facilities.

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