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Which type of lock : digital code lock or digital cylinder?

A digital code lock is used when access must be shared by a large number of users or when the possession of a key is a constraint. In view of the number of users, however, the choice of a digital code lock does not guarantee optimum access security. Instead of digital code locks, LOCKEN offers unpowered digital cylinders and padlocks.

The digital cylinders that LOCKEN offers are burglar-proof. These passive cylinders are unlocked on activation and validation of the rights provided during key contact. They are available in more than 300 models, do not require any adjustment of doors or locks and can be quite easily integrated in place of existing cylinders.

The cylinders are unlocked with the LOCKEN digital key. The range of digital cylinders and padlocks is very wide and offers different types of products for a number of uses. The digital code lock is not part of this range, but each cylinder can be envisaged to meet multiple needs in a more efficient manner.

LOCKEN cylinders and padlocks are activated by LOCKEN digital keys and can be used to favourably replace a digital code lock by providing greater security: with a digital code lock solution, each user in possession of the code can access the secured area without requiring planning and without any limits.

LOCKEN electronic cylinders contain a number of digital security features in order to guarantee significant levels of access protection.

The cylinders and padlocks have been designed for use in harsh environments and in those presenting high security risks. In order to adapt to different doors and locks, LOCKEN offers an extremely complete range of models suitable for use throughout Europe.

LOCKEN’s custom “Plug & Play” locks adapt specifically to customer needs, and the know-how of LOCKEN’s engineers guarantees optimum support.

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