What type of padlock pick is best : code padlock, mecanical padlock or electronic padlock?2020-01-07T14:48:26+01:00

What type of padlock pick is best : code padlock, mecanical padlock or electronic padlock?

A code padlock is used when access must be shared by a large number of users or when the possession of a key is a constraint. Given the multiplicity of users, choosing a code padlock does not guarantee optimum access security. In lieu of the code padlock, LOCKEN offers electronic padlocks to guarantee the highest level of security.

Locken electronic padlocks are equipped with a Locken electronic cylinder and present the same features than all Locken electronic cylinders.  Without mechanical profile, they unlock electronically once access is authorized with the Locken digital key. They are burglar proof and can’t be picked.

The range of LOCKEN electronic padlocks is very large and offers a variety of products. The code padlock is not part of this range but each electronic LOCKEN padlock replaces advantageously a code padlock.  They can be used for securing access to gates, railings, containers, boxes and any other application using padlocks.

Various materials are used in the padlock bodies, cylinders and shackles depending on the level of security and environmental resistance requirements.

The range of LOCKEN padlocks includes a variety of models, in particular:

– Models with protective cap where the external part of the cylinder is protected by a cap to provide a particular protection against corrosion and ensure an optimal use in external environment

– Stainless steel high security padlocks comprising a specially designed cylinder for extra anti-drill protection  that are intended for use in very high risk security situations

– Models with the “key retaining” feature where the shackle must be returned to the closed position before the key can be removed

– Special padlocks to meet the needs of specific environments like for instance securing containers, hatch covers, chemical storage areas

In addition to the padlock range, custom padlocks design can also be offered upon customer requests to meet specific needs, providing yet further added value alternatives to code padlock.

For any further information or price request, please contact us on info@locken.co.uk or fill in our contact form on the LOCKEN website.

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