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The key tube, an access control component

The key tube is used to deposit keys or partial access badges in residential buildings, offices and factories. The tubes are used by service providers (maintenance firms, lift professionals, remote monitoring operators, etc.) who need regular access to various sites. The tubes are used mainly to allocate service providers access rights to a specific zone.

The key tube is installed in a wall for increased security.

A key tube is used with a cap to form a key safe. The cap incorporates a LOCKEN electronic cylinder. When the cap is removed, the key tube delivers keys of all types, including mechanical keys, badges and electronic keys.

The LOCKEN internal cylinder has the same characteristics as other cylinders in the range. It is unpickable because it has no mechanical profile. If twisted, the cylinder locks in the closed position. The cylinder is highly resistant to magnetic and electric shocks and is hermetically sealed, preventing entry of any foreign bodies (dust, damp, etc.).

The key tube is activated by a LOCKEN electronic key through the use of an electronic cylinder selected from the range of around 300 models.

The access rights on the keys are updated and usage histories uploaded very simply from a terminal, mobile phone or computer connected to the Internet using the key’s communication module if required.

The access rights for the cylinders and key tube are managed using the LOCKEN software, enabling:

  • Automation of access requests
  • Geographic or plan type viewing
  • Detailed audit and analysis via data mining, etc.

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