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Key cabinet/key vault or electronic key?

In general, a Key cabinet or Key vault is designed to gather different keys in a single cabinet to access various sites and open diverse locking devices (doors, fences, vending machines …).

The LOCKEN electronic key with its capacity to integrate multiple schedules and manage access to many cylinders and padlocks, allows a unique key to effectively replace any key vault from the market.

The LOCKEN electronic key stands at the heart of the LOCKEN access control solution and concentrates all the system’s intelligence: it incorporates the power source, access control, and tracking. Without mechanical profile, each electronic key is unique and reprogrammable.

  • Each key is manufactured with a unique digital ID which cannot be changed or duplicated
  • The disable function of the key makes it unusable in case of theft or loss
  • Each key contact with a LOCKEN cylinder is recorded in the key memory (cylinder, date & time, event type)
  • There is no limit to the number of keys that can access any one cylinder
  • Internal memory of the key supports an audit trail of up to 3,900 events. A LOCKEN electronic key remembers events with date and time
  • Memory is non-volatile

The LOCKEN electronic key unlike a key vault allows flexibility in access management by adapting to the company information system, but also by creating interfaces that will make both systems more efficient and ergonomic.

To meet various needs and uses, LOCKEN offers different types of eletronic keys. These keys can effectively replace a traditional key vault thereby improving flexibility in managing access for a multiplicity of users.

The LOCKEN electronic key features environmentally safe rechargeable batteries.

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