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Key plan for a custom access management

The LOCKEN solution is composed of an electronic key, electronic cylinders and management software that allows configuring the access rights key plan.

This software allows interaction between all the hardware elements of the LOCKEN solution and enables each company to customize its own LOCKEN access control system. The LOCKEN software can be configured for all types of installations from the simplest project with few users to multiple sites projects with sites widespread across multiple geographic areas.

This is possible thanks to the flexibility of the LOCKEN software that is accessible via a web browser and to the project management support provided by the LOCKEN teams.

The software is designed for large installations, which may contain thousands of cylinders, keys and access authorizers. Although the implementation of a large-scale key plan managed by a single person seems difficult in this context, this is made possible by the LOCKEN application.

One of the most functional characteristics of the software is the ability to create an effective key plan enabling proper administration of key users and their access profiles. Each profile containing one or more login will be responsible for managing its own part of the system.

One of the objectives of the LOCKEN engineering phase is to define the administration profiles in collaboration with the client.

The management of the key plan can be defined according to the following criteria:

  • A group of users needs to have different views from those of the current administration profiles
  • A group of users must have different permissions than the current administration profiles
  • A connection is necessary to set a specific access code and facilitate the programming of cylinders

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