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Key deposit to optimize the access control

Locken key deposit perfectly completes the available product range of LOCKEN. It is composed of key tube and a cylinder with a protection cap.

Key deposit is used to deposit keys or access badges to residential buildings, offices and factories. Key deposit is used by facilities management companies (maintenance, elevator repair, remote monitoring …) needing regular access to different sites. They are primarily used to grant providers access rights to a specific area.

Key deposit must be operated by a LOCKEN electronic key, through a LOCKEN electronic cylinder available from a range of nearly 300 models. The cylinder is built into the protective cap of the key deposit. Removing the cap with the LOCKEN key, the key deposit delivers keys and access means of all types: mechanical keys, electronic keys, badges. It allows delivery of secure access rights and is primarily used to grant providers access rights to a specific area.

The key deposit is installed in a wall. It ensures greater security as it doesn’t offer any grip for wrenching it.

The cylinder inside the key deposit acts and has the same characteristics as any other LOCKEN electronic cylinders.

– It cannot be picked because it has no mechanical profile

– The cylinder locks in the closed position in the event of torsion

– It has a very high resistance to electric and magnetic shocks

– It is fully hermetic and prevents insertion of foreign bodies (dust, humidity …) guaranteeing reliability over time

Thanks to programmed access schedules, each key provides the user full control of its access rights LOCKEN offers the possibility to program up to 49 different schedules per key.

The LOCKEN key deposit has been installed on many sites in France and Europe.

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