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Flexible access authorisation

The LOCKEN solution for authorisation management improves efficiency and profitability every day. Updating access authorisation in the keys and consultation of audit trail can be easily carried out from a fixed terminal, a mobile phone, or a computer connected to the Internet.Three simple and effective ways to programme your keys:

  • From a fixed location
    Located in a regularly visited location, the wall-mounted authoriser allows you to update the keys access rights simply by docking your key . At the same time the audit trail is uploaded from the key to the server A PIN can be used for increased security.
  • from a mobile phone, via the gprs network
    LOCKEN Mobile allows immediate programming of a key via mobile phone with windows operating system.
  • from a pc with internet connection

The LOCKEN Infrared USB Authoriser Dongle just needs to be inserted into the appropriate port. On a laptop or pc. Once connected to the server, it will upload the history from a key and download the access right through infrared into the key.

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