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Electronic locks

LOCKEN offers an access control solution based on an electronic key combined with electronic cylinders and padlocks.

This innovation using electronic locks constitutes a superior replacement for conventional mechanical locks, as well as providing greater security thanks to configurable access rights distribution where rights can be allocated specifically to an electronic key.

The main benefit of these electronic locks is quick and easy installation. They are suitable for all doors and can be installed directly in place of an existing mechanical lock.

LOCKEN electronic locks are unpickable.

LOCKEN cylinders are passive. Locks are unlocked using the power and validation of the rights provided during key contact. A LOCKEN electronic key is required to open these locks. LOCKEN electronic keys are unique, cannot be duplicated and provide access to various locations. They must be programmed using LOCKEN software from a computer or smartphone.

The LOCKEN solution is suitable for use in all business sectors and effectively solves all kinds of security issues in enterprises: personnel and subcontractor access management, protection for sensitive sites, compliance with regulations, etc.

LOCKEN electronic locks provide optimum security at access points. Moreover, no cabling or power is required, eliminating the need for batteries that have to be replaced when spent. Power is received on contact with the key.

The LOCKEN key is designed to open multiple types of electronic lock. It is a simple and effective access management system without any of the disadvantages associated with losing a bunch of conventional keys.

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