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Electronic key and access control

The electronic key concentrates all the system intelligence: it incorporates the power source, access control, and tracking.

The communication and unlocking decision between the electronic key and the cylinder are purely digital. The absence of mechanical cutting removes the constraints of mechanical hierarchies: the access profile of keys (access rights to cylinders, time validity, etc.) are fully reprogrammable.

Once unlocked, cylinder latches can be turned by applying regular rotation force like with a traditional mechanical key.

– The Locken electronic key is unique and can open one or all access points (doors, gates, cabinets, etc.) and thereby replaces a bunch of keys

– Without mechanical cutting, each electronic key is manufactured with a unique digital ID which cannot be changed or duplicated

– Its disable function makes it unusable in case of theft or loss

– Each electronic key contact with a Locken cylinder is recorded in the key memory (cylinder, date&time, event type)

Special design :

– Durability: The front contact between key and cylinder ensures a reliable digital exchange over time unlike a traditional sliding contact.

– Green technology: the Locken digital key features  environmentally safe rechargeable batteries.

Internal memory supports an audit trail of up to 3,900 events and this memory is non-volatile. Each electronic key remembers events with date and time

Locken offers to meet various needs and uses three electronic keys: the infrared key, the infrared key with battery and the bluetooth key.

Communication and unlocking Locken padlocks and cylinders are between electronic key and cylinders or padlocks by purely digital way, through a simple frontal contact. This type of contact is used to perpetuate electronic key while having a certain control over time unlike a traditional sliding contact

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