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Electronic barrel

The LOCKEN solution is based on a smart electronic key and electronic cylinders – or electronic barrels. This is a cable-free electronic control solution.

The LOCKEN electronic barrel is a passive electronic cylinder: it only unlocks on contact with the key which transmits power and communicates access rights. Since no data on access rights is stored in the cylinders, there is no need to physically visit the doors to reprogramme rights.

Various LOCKEN electronic barrel profiles are available, for example European, Swiss and UK cylinders or electronic switches. The electronic barrel can be very easily installed on numerous door types.

The LOCKEN electronic barrel is a component part of the LOCKEN solution, which offers many benefits:

  • For optimum security, electronic keys cannot be duplicated
  • Unpickable cylinders and standard anti-drill protection for maximum security
  • Access planning by key and user
  • Access tracking via LOCKEN management software

The LOCKEN electronic barrel comprises a lock body, a bit and, depending on the type, one or two rotating cores containing the electronic security elements. An optional protective rosette shields the cylinder ends against the effects of adverse weather.

The LOCKEN electronic barrel does not require power. It is the contact with the LOCKEN electronic key that provides the necessary power to open the door on each access request.

The electronic barrel is programmed using the LOCKEN access management software.

LOCKEN security systems are safe, economical and effective. Almost 100,000 sites in Europe have already been equipped with this solution.

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