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Digital cylinder or electronic cylinder?

The LOCKEN cylinder is a digital cylinder (or electronic cylinder) that combines electronic coding with mechanical activation.

The digital cylinder offered by LOCKEN is passive and has no mechanical profile, it is burglar deterrent and pickproof.

The range of LOCKEN digital cylinder is made up of more than 300 references to best meet the expectations of the users. The range of cylinders presents many dimensions and variations of materials (brass, steel, nickel, stainless steel …).

The diversity of profiles of the LOCKEN digital cylinder (European, Scandinavian, Swiss, and English) and applications (ATM, safe, fences, doors …) offers great adaptability to different locks and makes its installation very simple.

All LOCKEN digital cylinder are without energy and wireless. The energy is supplied by the LOCKEN electronic key, when inserting it into the digital cylinder.

Digital cylinder allows benefiting from increased security thanks to an opening that is made by the LOCKEN key.

The LOCKEN products are monitored by the LOCKEN software that allows you to set access rights and suspend them if necessary: it is no longer necessary to change the key or the digital cylinder in case of lost key.

The advantages of the LOCKEN digital cylinder over traditional cylinders are:

– Duplication of electronic keys is impossible

– The digital cylinder cannot be picked

– The digital cylinder is programmed by time & date as well as access restrictions

– Traceability of all events by key and digital cylinder

– Maintenance-free as no power is required

– No travels to doors:  access rights are provided by the keys and all events are recorded in the keys

Customized digital cylinder in small quantities are also available on request.

For any further information or price request, please contact us on or fill in our contact form on the LOCKEN website.

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