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Code lock

A code lock is used when shared access by a large number of users is required or when possession of a key is a constraint.

However, given the large number of users, choosing a code lock does not necessarily guarantee optimum access security. Instead of this type of access control, LOCKEN offers electronic cylinders.

The LOCKEN range of electronic cylinders and padlocks is extensive and includes various types of product suitable for numerous applications and uses.

The code lock is not part of the LOCKEN offering, but every cylinder in the range can provide secure access control for sites visited by large numbers of users.

LOCKEN cylinders or padlocks are activated by a LOCKEN electronic key and can be used as a superior replacement for a code lock that enables each user in possession of the access code to enter the secured area, without any notion of planning and therefore without any limits.

LOCKEN electronic cylinders guarantee high level access protection thanks to the LOCKEN key, which allocates rights according to locations and time periods. The cylinders and padlocks are designed for use in harsh environments and in conditions where there is a high security risk.

Unlike the code lock, LOCKEN electronic cylinders do not require electrical power and are suitable for all door types.

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