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Badge or electronic key?

The access control badge is a system allowing controlled access to a place, a building or any specific equipment using a badge or swipe card.

This type of access control is suitable for sites where many users need to open many access. The access control badge is a solution that works on-line through a network: a request is systematically sent to the server to open a door and give access to the user.

A reliable power supply, secure infrastructure and a communication network are needed to meet the permanent needs of this type of solution.

The LOCKEN cable free access control solution replaces advantageously an access control badge solution. The LOCKEN solution is based on a standalone system that does not require any energy or cabling.

With the LOCKEN solution, the inconvenience related to the power outage in the online access control system disappears: indeed, the LOCKEN cylinder recovers energy during contact with the key and does not need a battery that must be replaced when empty or a power supply that can get cut off.

Moreover, in the case of an access control badge solution, data can only be collected via a dedicated badge which comes to recover data from each cylinder. With the LOCKEN solution, data collection occurs during each contact between the cylinder and the LOCKEN key set and is then transmitted to the central system when updating access authorization from a mobile phone or a fixed location.

E-mail alerts, a mobile application, and the entire suite of the LOCKEN solution provide an innovative alternative to an online access control system.

The LOCKEN solution revolves round five components that provide security and flexibility: A unique electronic key, power-free cylinders, remote and flexible access control, a simple and flexible application suite, a breadth of support services.

Thereby, LOCKEN offers a solution free of the usual constraints in this business.

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