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Access control solution: for what? for who ?

An access control solution allows you to know WHERE and WHEN an individual is authorised to enter or not.

The access authorisation aims at protecting people, goods or information. It can be related to:

  • Company’s employees, subcontractors, visitors or suppliers
  • Staff members for sensitive areas (offices, computer rooms…)
  • All hours or only specific hours of the day or of the night
  • Vehicles, merchandise.

The success of an access control solution implementation implies a complete study of the final user’s needs. Indeed, all requirements need to be defined in order to provide the most suitable access control solution for the consumer and its business.

Access control market is booming. In 2010, the market of access control solutions was worth more than 325 million pounds (455 million euros) in Europe. UK was in second position after Germany. France was in third position and accounted for one-tenth of this market.

Founded in 2003, LOCKEN established itself as the leading developer and provider of cable free access control solution. With its unique solution based on one smart key, LOCKEN equips today more than 150,000 sites in Europe. As the company tailors its solution to meet each customer’s needs, it allows to

LOCKEN’s access control solution is designed for many business sectors and is particularly adapted to critical infrastructures and companies with multiple and isolated sites.

LOCKEN’s access control solution meets the needs of security, simplicity and flexibility. It is comprised of:

  • A smart electronic key
  • Power-free electronic cylinders
  • Electronic padlocks
  • Access rights providers

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