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Smartphone & badge solutions

Locken’s smartphone & badge access control solutions can be used independently, alongside the electronic key system or as an extension to existing access control solutions. Like all Locken solutions, they are controlled by the secure and intuitive Locken Smart Access software, which allows users to customise their access to individual needs.


The smartphone and badge solutions include the Iseo hardware ranges, available in three formats: button-operated electronic cylinders (Libra range), electronic RFID trim sets (Aries range) and badge readers (Stylos range). Each solution communicates in encrypted mode in RFID, MIFARE Standard or DESFire.

RFID independent electronic cylinder

The electronic button-operated smart RFID cylinder incorporates an RFID multi-standard reader and opens with a badge. This independent, cable-free solution is based on data-on-card technology with a modular design to adapt to any door thickness. Available in different colours and finishes, it offers a varied range of possibilities.

RFID independent electronic lock

The independent, cable-free electronic RFID trim set is equipped with an RFID multi-standard reader allowing users to open doors with their badges via data-on-card technology. The reader’s patented automatic wake-up system reduces energy use and guarantees long-term battery life.

RFID badge reader

The RFID badge reader is designed to fit seamlessly into an automated access control system. Available in various formats, this is the ideal solution for business premises and residential buildings.

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