Palma de Mallorca International Airport chooses Locken to secure its runways
LOCKEN, the smart key specialist, is stepping up its presence in the Balearic Islands, and more precisely at Palma de Mallorca Airport. It is worth recalling the airport's vital role for the archipelago since the Balearic Islands, which are no bigger than a British county, welcome around ten million tourists annually, which is more than Rome or even Barcelona… This means that Palma Airport, the third largest in Spain, follows the frantic pace of the summer flows and, on some August days, hosts as many flights as the leading European airport of London-Heathrow.
12 September 2017 News

If we also bear in mind that its operator, the AENA group (which also manages Madrid and Barcelona), has seen passenger numbers return to a strong upward curve over the past two years, it becomes clear that choosing Locken to secure a crucial part of its infrastructure on the island is a significant decision.

In fact, Locken is equipping access points around the security perimeter of the two main runways. Needless to say, this is a highly sensitive, restricted area, which entrance gates must allow immediate access to emergency services in the event of a major accident.
The padlocks that close these gates are fitted with Locken cylinders. They can only be opened by holders of a smart electronic key with the necessary access rights. Being outside, they have to withstand severe weather conditions, due to the high temperatures and proximity to the sea.

These characteristics once again illustrate the total reliability of Locken systems made possible by cable free technology: the passive cylinders are actuated by the intelligent electronic key which transmits both the power and the access authorisation needed to open the cylinder. The key communicates the information to the central system and the Locken solution therefore allows accurate and regular control of gate opening.
In Palma de Mallorca, Locken padlocks are also used as “guardpoints”: by signalling their passage on these dedicated devices, the security guards on patrol enable the Security Division to verify compliance with the surveillance procedures. This measure is crucial to strengthening airport security.

As in other major European cities, the example of Palma confirms LOCKEN’s ability to meet the increasingly demanding requirements of the airport sector. As well as its capacity to adapt to the needs of each of its clients.

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