Access control in the water industry

The water industry has unusual sites and access control must contend with Critical National infrastructure (CNI) challenges. Given the sensitivity of clean water storage and distribution, access must be strictly restricted to authorised users.

Safety of people and property: a key issue in the water industry

Production operators, subcontractors and maintenance technicians working in the water industry need easy access to various remote sites where Locken has fitted thousands of access control systems. With our proven expertise, we tailor our solution to the specific needs of these mission-critical infrastructures.

Scattered sites and access control

Water industry facilities usually comprise many scattered sites. This means maintaining tens of thousands of facilities across the country in urban and often remote areas (home to the largest clean water production plants). These plants are often far from any power supply, complicating access control installation.
The Locken access control solution does not require cables for access points or doors as the padlock and lock cylinders are passive. Our keys provide the necessary power and hold the access rights data. Electronic cylinders can easily replace existing cylinders and do not require any special maintenance, making the Locken access control solution especially suited to remote sites and clean water aqueducts.

Access control in extreme weather

As well as being located in remote areas, water industry facilities can be exposed to harsh environments. Water treatment amenities and pumping stations, for instance, are constantly subjected to high levels of humidity and moisture. Similarly, coastal sites are at the mercy of sea air, which speeds up the rust formation process.
Thus, access control hardware must be resistant enough to withstand corrosion caused by bad weather and the other effects of a harsh climate. Locken delivers a certified solution to this particular issue with cylinders that meet the requirements of the EN 1670 corrosion resistance standard and offer a IP66-67-68-69 rating to guarantee maximum protection. What’s more, the latest-generation electronic keys use inductive technology for contactless information exchanges between the key and the cylinder. This technology allows the electronic key to transmit access rights to the cylinder, even if the humidity at the site has oxidised the surface of the lock or salt and dust deposits have settled. In other words, bad connections no longer prevent information from being transmitted between the key and lock.

The water industry: a critical infrastructure

As water is a basic necessity, water distribution sites – classed as CNI – are particularly vulnerable to malicious acts and subject to specific protection requirements.
Of the many security devices available, access control systems are the most appropriate: compliant with the most stringent security standards, Locken electronic cylinders and padlocks are a key component of a site’s overall protection. The access control solution’s leading-edge software has a wide range of features to satisfy the strictest requirements among security managers. They can, for instance, tailor the access rights through the MyLocken app and customise the key’s Bluetooth module and precision control over site activity through the Locken Smart Access (LSA) software.

Isolation and exposure to vandalism

The risk of attempted breaking and entering is higher at isolated facilities. Urban exploration (urbex) fans are one risk factor with potentially serious consequences for workers’ safety and public service quality.
Compliant with the highest grades of CEN 1303 certification, the electronic cylinders and padlocks in the Locken access control solution are resistant to drilling and vandalism, which Is essential for CNI Sites.

Subcontracting and shared access sites

Subcontractors have become increasingly common in both maintenance activities and emergency callouts to sites. As a result, a number of officers require daily access to various remote facilities. The security situation is further complicated when sites are shared by businesses. Water towers, for example, are sometimes used by telecoms operators to host their masts while public water source collection operators link up with public service delegations for the water distribution network.
Locken delivers an effective access control response to multi-activity sites with just one electronic key working for countless locks. Officers no longer need to carry large keychains between sites – they can access the right place at the right time with one key and in maximum security.

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