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Access control systems in retail and distribution

Access control systems in the distribution industry must provide security without affecting the customer experience. To ensure service quality, industry managers need their numerous employees to move easily through the shop floors, back offices and storage areas.

Access control: a key security boost at sites with numerous staff and visitors

With hypermarkets, supermarkets and specialised stores, mass retail has the same security concerns as busy public areas. Retailers require a large workforce to ensure high service quality, which complicates the situation.
Access control is a key component in the security–operational efficiency equation. With more than 15 years of expertise in the industry, Locken delivers best-fit solutions for every scenario.

A centralised access control system to increase operator efficiency and site productivity

Mass retail comprises sprawling buildings. In a hypermarket for example, a shop floor may cover more than 2.5 acres. The spaces are diverse, including public receptions and many restricted access locations, such as offices, warehouses, staff rooms and lorry unloading areas. With traditional mechanical access control systems, a different key is needed for each access point, be it an office or warehouse door, an outdoor entrance or gate padlock.
While not all employees require access to all areas, the many access points imply a huge number of keys which affects both mobility and operational efficiency.
The Locken electronic key delivers a unique access control solution, giving all users a single key for each and every access point, configured with only the required access rights for each separate job.

Famously easy to install and manage

With easy installation and a user-friendly design, this access control solution boosts site productivity. The electronic key supplies the power to open the lock, so the door does not need to be wired: the existing cylinder is simply replaced with an electronic version of the same size.
Locken covers all your specific needs with an extensive range of electronic locks and padlocks. The new contactless electronic key combines cutting-edge magnetic induction technology that is compatible with mechanical locks.
Locken has also spearheaded some practical and cost-effective RFID solutions for pre-wired doors, such as those in back offices.

The Locken Smart Access (LSA) management software has an intuitive, user-friendly interface, allowing system monitoring staff to maximise its potential.
In just a few clicks, the software can be used to assign the same rights to a particular staff category and allocate rights in line with each employee’s working hours and location.

Access control and new security requirements: rugged design meets sophisticated management

Shopping centres are a minefield, vulnerable to accidents, theft, vandalism and terrorism. The need to ensure personal safety and protect property is key.
Locken’s access control solution is the backbone of any security system. It allows users to assign access rights exclusively to recognised and authorised staff, subcontractors and security officers for various periods of time. Authorizations range from a few hours for subcontractors on ad hoc jobs to unlimited access for the emergency services.
All access is tracked and controlled through the Locken Smart Access (LSA) software and a record of all access events is logged centrally. Lost or stolen keys are no longer a concern with Locken as they are simply disabled and stripped of all access rights.
What’s more, the solution’s leading-edge software features meet the strictest security manager requirements. The electronic key’s Bluetooth module communicates with the MyLocken app on the officer’s smartphone and therefore the central security system. The result is real-time access control preventing intrusions or attempted break-ins.
The sophistication of the access control solution takes nothing away from its rugged design. The Locken electronic key is certified to EN 1303 / Grade 2 (resistance to drilling) and IP65 (one of the highest levels of resistance to water ingress), making it ideal for outdoor sites and indoor areas requiring jet washing.

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