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Access control systems in public spaces

Public infrastructure – exhibition sites, shopping centres, hospitals and schools – has one thing in common: heavy footfall over extended areas.
Access control systems in public spaces must ensure both personal safety and the smooth flow of people.

Access control: a key security measure in heavily frequented public spaces

Access control is a key component of the security–operational efficiency equation. With over 15 years of on-the-ground experience and hundreds of solutions installed in a variety of public spaces, Locken has clear insight into the specific needs of each site.

Productivity/efficiency requirement and access control

All public sites are very busy, comprising various different structures. Visitor numbers are high and the focus is on delivering and maintaining the highest level of service.
Uninterrupted movement through such vast areas is essential for staff and service providers to be able to complete their routine, ad hoc or emergency tasks.
If a power outage or network failure were to strike at a trade show, service providers would need to take emergency action and be able to pass unimpeded through restricted-access entrances. In a hospital where many employees require access to high-security areas, such as pharmacies and cutting-edge medical equipment, smooth access is critical.
The Locken access control solution is built on a combination of complementary access control solutions controlled by the same user-friendly computer platform. This badge and key-based technology includes smart electronic keys, independent RFID cylinders, RFID trim sets, connected online locks and mechanical keys. An RFID cylinder or lock would be the ideal approach for a door in a busy area where staff with badges require quick access, whereas an electronic padlock would be more appropriate for an outdoor gate.

Security requirements and access control

Venues such as shopping centres, trade shows, hospitals, universities and theatres are prime spots for accidents, theft, vandalism and terrorism. The need to ensure personal safety and protect property is mission-critical.
Locken’s access control solution forms the backbone of any security system. The Locken solution allows access rights to be assigned only to recognised subcontractors approved in the system.
All access is tracked and controlled with the Locken Smart Access (LSA) software, providing a central record of all access events. Lost or stolen keys were once cause for concern; now they are simply disabled.
What’s more, the solution’s leading-edge software features comply with the strictest requirements of security managers. The Bluetooth module in the electronic key communicates with the MyLocken app on the officer’s smartphone and therefore with the central security system. And the system can be used to control access in real time and prevent any intrusions or attempted break-ins.

Protecting a broad range of access points: the need for multi-format access control

The common denominator with all public sites is their sheer scale and the wide variety of access points, including perimeter fencing and gates, car parks and building entrance doors. Inside, a variety of sub-areas must be protected, including administrative offices, storage areas and technical facilities.
Determined to provide a solution to the various access control needs, Locken has pioneered a line of independent and wired electronic cylinders, padlocks and locks to be opened with an RFID badge or smart key. Locken’s products are also compatible with mechanical locks.
The same Locken Smart Access software is used to coordinate and monitor all of these access control solutions, allowing security staff to centralise management of all access points and supervise all facilities in real time.

Our client cases in public infrastructure


Marseille Chanot Exhibition and Convention Centre installs LOCKEN solution

27 march 2015


With some 450 access points fitted with LOCKEN electronic cylinders, Marseille Chanot illustrates LOCKEN's exhibition cent ...

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