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Access control systems in public administrations

Access control for government services – including local authorities, state organisations and police – must meet the security requirements of multi-activity sites with many users.

Complex security challenges:

As the interface between the state and the people, government services must set a security example. As a public service, they must also ensure maximum security for their officers and users. Locken solutions have been fitted in thousands of access points in numerous ministries, local authorities and a wide range of government organisations. The result is top-tier experience in access control systems and the ability to tailor our solutions to sectoral needs.

 Access control for multi-activity structures

Government services comprise various departments with differing assignments and infrastructures. While a ministry may provide different services to a town hall or police force, all their buildings and facilities require an effective access control system to maintain superior service standards and a high level of security.
Local authorities are a good example of a multi-activity structure. They manage everything from the town hall to gyms, swimming pools, concert halls and schools. This particular infrastructure comprises a wide range of subspaces, including archive rooms, storage rooms for swimming pool chlorine products and specific IT server rooms. Some services and institutions are housed in buildings with valuable architecture or history.
These types of places require bespoke access control solutions including independent wired or wireless systems with badges or smart electronic keys. The system may be combined with a mechanical key system.
Locken has developed a range of solutions to address the operational needs and limited budgets of government services. These solutions can be combined in one location and even used in historical buildings. Locken electronic keys easily replace existing mechanical cylinders with no need to wire or alter the doors’ appearance. Locken’s large range of models will suit any architectural style. For instance, the dual electronic key has a mechanical profile, ensuring compatibility with mechanical locks. Locken has also pioneered a complementary RFID badge solution controlled by the same software, especially for doors in office buildings with numerous employees.

Vulnerability in public spaces

Often open to the public, officers and multiple service providers (cleaners, maintenance technicians and delivery personnel) visit these sites.
The Locken access control solution allows users to define specific access rights for different time periods and areas via the Locken Smart Access (LSA) management software. The system ensures tight control of all entrances to the building.
Public-access buildings must also guarantee quick and easy access for emergency services. Locken’s solution includes a backup key with unlimited rights, giving the fire brigade and police round-the-clock access to all areas without having to update access rights.

Reinforced access control to tackle new threats

The Locken solution takes Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) Site rules into account and plays a major role in aligning sites with regulations. With the Bluetooth version, site access rights can be granted in real-time on a case-by-case basis. The electronic key communicates with the user’s smartphone with an AES128 advanced encryption protocol, itself connected to the central control system via the MyLocken app. The operating mode is similar to the online access control system, without the wiring constraints.
Electronic cylinders are certified as EN 1303 / Grade 2 compliant, which guarantees their resistance to drilling and vandalism.
The software components developed by Locken and the latest-generation electronic keys made by ISEO are 100% European, increasing security in potentially vulnerable political and economic climates.

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