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Access control systems to National critical infrastructures

Access control plays a decisive role in meeting government security requirements for ‘key assets’. Energy, transport, clean water management, manufacturing and judiciary and governmental services have all been identified as areas particularly vulnerable to risk and subject to Critical National infrastructure (CNI) requirements.

Access control in areas of vital activity : a security issue imposed by the states

Locken supports and guides companies in these important industries with its access control systems installed at tens of thousands of sites. This expertise makes Locken the ideal partner for companies looking to line up with their security requirements.

The role of LOCKEN access control in CNI standards

The Locken access control solution has been fitted in a range of companies in CNI sectors for its simplified yet sophisticated ability to increase security alongside other solutions, such as CCTV and wired access control.
The Locken solution is based on a smart key encoded with all the necessary access rights using the powerful Locken Smart Access (LSA) access management software.
The smart electronic key only opens the cylinders configured with the necessary access rights. These can be granted in real time with the MyLocken app and the Bluetooth module fitted in the latest-generation keys. Hence, any unauthorised persons in possession of the key – through the owner’s negligence, theft or violence – will not have access. In some cases, they will need to identify themselves in the MyLocken app and follow an unfamiliar set of access procedures. Another solution is to programme the key for an exceptionally short period of time.
What’s more, any openings or attempted break-ins are logged in the electronic key’s memory and sent to the Locken Smart Access (LSA) management software. This feature allows security managers to accurately verify each users’ activity. LSA is also a strong deterrent as it can detect the slightest abnormality.
The specifics of the Locken access control solution echo the rights of high-risk industry companies to request confirmation from local authorities that their employees do not present a potential risk at any given time. In the event that approval is not given, the key is immediately disabled and becomes unusable.
With sophisticated access control software and their rugged design, the electronic keys were awarded CEN 1303 certification for resistance to attempted intrusions and vandalism.
Thus, the Locken access control solution effectively contributes to the ultimate purpose of CNI standards: safeguarding the country’s essential assets by reinforcing its security level and culture.

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