Access control systems in industrial and major sites

Industry is prone to external risk (intrusions) and production hazards so access control must meet the associated security requirements. Any security breaches may have serious repercussions for both the organisation’s employees and business performance.

Protecting mixed-activity areas with various access control requirements

Industrial sites are vulnerable due to sheer scale, the wide variety of facilities and the nature of the production itself. Increased security is needed as well as tight control at all access points so access control must thus address the various scenarios with an end-to-end solution. Locken has been doing just this for more than 15 years at hundreds of major industrial sites.

Composite and extended sites: the access control criteria

The components of industrial sites are many and varied, including production areas, administrative offices, R&D centres and clean rooms, all of which require some level of access control technology. With this in mind, Locken has developed a range of solutions for the various requirements.
An electronic key is ideal for protecting outlying areas and external access points as the electronic key powers the cylinder, removing the need to wire the locks. A badge-based access control system is often the preferred solution for office doors but access tracking may be unnecessary in less sensitive areas, in which case a mechanical solution may suffice. Locken’s latest-generation electronic solution includes a mechanical component for this specific need.
An electronic solution using independent RFID electronic cylinders and badges, independent RFID trim sets or connected switches is the ideal strategy for securing tertiary buildings or common access doors. Active badges on the client site are used to extend the wired access control system to these remote doors while keeping track of all access.
The same Locken Smart Access software (LSA) easily supports the various technologies.

Harsh environments: the effects of dust, grease and humidity on access control systems

Industrial sites often house complex dust-generating machinery covered in grease. With this in mind, the various components in Locken’s access control solution have been designed and tested to withstand the harshest environments. The independent mechatronic cylinders have the IP 66-67-68-69 rating, allowing the products in the range to withstand damp environments and pressurised water jets. Compliant with the EN 1670 standard, their design also offers the highest level of corrosion resistance and shields the cylinders from dust and foreign bodies, such as grease. These features prove invaluable when protecting areas with strict cleanliness, hygiene and productivity requirements.

ATEX environments and access control

The risk of explosion is high at certain industrial sites.  Contact between two metal objects (key + cylinder) may constitute an additional risk so Locken access control solutions are ATEX-certified for explosive atmospheres. These access control solutions are also used by natural gas and oil distribution companies where countless Locken access points have been installed.

Critical operators and access control

Compliant with the strictest security standards, Locken electronic cylinders and padlocks play a major role in overall on-site security arrangements.
The access control solution’s leading-edge software features meet the strict requirements of security managers, namely customised access rights via the MyLocken app and the key’s Bluetooth module, and precision control over site activity with the Locken Smart Access (LSA) software.

Varied user profiles and subcontractors

Subcontractors are a frequent fixture in industry for site cleaning, raw material deliveries and IT system maintenance. However, the many site visitors creates additional risks for the company.
The Locken access control solution allows users to assign access rights exclusively to recognised subcontractors approved in the system. Linking access rights to the employment contract and the user’s profile is easy, improving the traceability of all activity and simplifying administrative tasks. All access is tracked and controlled and all access events logged centrally. Lost or stolen keys were once cause for concern but are now simply disabled and no longer work.

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