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Access control systems in heritage sites

The security risk for people (visitors and staff), collections and exhibits is high at significant venues such as museums, historic buildings and listed sites.
Access control systems in the heritage sector must respond to the challenges facing vulnerable sites under constant threat.

Heritage sites under threat : a major challenge for access control

Access control has become vital at historical and heritage sites. In the Middle East, priceless works of art have been stolen and even destroyed. Individuals, vandals and thieves all pose a threat to these sites as does organised crime which may target heritage for its role in cultural identity.
Different situations require different access control systems. A modern art collection facility will use a different system to a well-known museum or historical building with its original decor. Hence, it is essential that we do our utmost to protect museums and all that they represent.

Access control for tourist hotspots

Heritage sites are often the biggest attraction in a city or region. In France for instance, the top 30 heritage sites draw in between 800,000 and almost 12 million visitors every year. These huge visitor flows require a huge workforce to supervise the sites and cover any maintenance needs.
Heritage sites comprise a wide range of spaces, including public-access rooms, restricted-access areas, warehouses and shops, creating complicated security issues. Furthermore, subcontractors are often needed, which further complicates the situation.
Hence, access control plays a key role in maintaining high levels of security.
The Locken solution features electronic keys with access rights and the option to configure the keys for individual users or groups of employees.
Permission is granted for a specified area and a variable period of time. For example, subcontractors on ad hoc work assignments will have access for just a few hours. Once the predefined time-frame has elapsed, the key will be disabled.
The Locken Smart Access (LSA) software is used to send access rights to the key and comes with a report function. The Locken access control solution is also a strong deterrent for its ability to detect even the slightest suspicious movement and identify insider involvement.

Access control for sprawling sites

Museums and historic buildings are often large structures.
Some were designed to house hundreds or even thousands of people, including servants, men-at-arms and courtiers. Buildings and parks often have a number of access points, including entrances and doors. With traditional key systems, agents are forced to carry large bunches of keys, which only increases the risk of loss or theft.
With the Locken access control system, officials carry just one key. Configured with ad hoc access rights, this key can also open a number of cylinder types, from door locks to gate padlocks.
The Locken electronic key is engineered to withstand adverse weather and perfect for outdoor use. Its rugged design has been certified as CEN 1303 compliant.

Access control geared towards historic buildings

Access control systems in ancient buildings must be seamlessly integrated into the sites, which are often supervised by registered architects. The systems are also tasked with securing the sites against constant threat.
In many cases, doors cannot be changed, and cables cannot be laid if they require holes to be drilled into walls or channels excavated in the ground.
Locken’s access control system is an elegant solution to these issues. It simply replaces the original cylinder with an electronic cylinder of the same size. No cables are needed for the new lock because the key supplies the access rights and power.
With a large range of  cylinders compliant with the most common standards (European, Swiss, British, etc.), the Locken product range has something for everyone.
The Locken access control solution uses cutting-edge technology to keep ancient buildings intact, without compromising their identity or spirit.

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