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EKIKNOX: customised access control for banks

EKIKNOX is Locken’s answer to banking challenges. This user-friendly, completely secure solution addresses all access and security needs for all strategic points in a bank.


EKIKNOX features the three basic components of the Locken access control solution with a customised software management program: a smart mechatronic key comprising energy, passive electronic cylinders and an access rights assignment system.

The concept also covers smartphone and badge solutions controlled by the same software, which can be used as an independent solution or in combination with cylinders and keys.

The EKIKNOX solution’s secure software management suite has been specifically developed to manage banking access points. It allows banks to:

  • Supervise service providers with feedback on their work schedule and activities.
  • Manage areas fitted with Locken cylinders in one click using the “MATRICES”
  • Quickly view all access areas “under surveillance” with the “MAPS” feature (interactive maps).
  • Easily view access statistics with the “HISTORY”

Security and management of off-site ATMs/ACDs

The EKIKNOX access control solution guarantees visibility and reporting for cash-in-transit activities. The solution ensures greater control over urgent callouts and improves the cash replenishment process. It also brings a more dynamic edge to the itinerary and roster management process for replenishment staff and security guards.

Mail provider management

The EKIKNOX solution is designed to ensure precise control over mail provider delivery rounds. The solution merges the data reported by the mail provider with the physical opening of mailboxes. All providers have a complete overview of their delivery rounds and schedules.

Access management for the secure enclosure zone

Level 0, 1 and 2 maintenance operations are a real challenge as technicians need quick access to the relevant zone. The EKIKNOX solution is completely safe and scalable thanks to the mobile access control solution and interfacing with the replenishment staff PDAs.

Links with alarm systems

Linked security devices are now essential for banks. The Locken access control solution interfaces with the bank’s alarm system for simplified device management. Alarm functions can be customised to a precise degree. They can, for instance, be activated based on area, time interval or user type.

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