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Access control systems in the banking sector

Access control is a major component of the sophisticated, demanding bank security systems. Keeping people and goods safe in bank branches and during cash-in-transit operations is a key issue for this industry.

Bespoke access control for a sensitive Industry

In a sensitive environment visited by various categories of people – customers, staff and service providers – banks need tailored, proven access control solutions that improve security and maximise service quality for customers.  With more than 10,000 bank access points fitted to date, Locken controls and manages every category of bank access for branches, self-service banking, technical installations, cash-in-transit and more.
The customised EKIKNOX solution addresses the challenges raised by industry changes and the development of self-service banking and reinforced security.

Access control in banks: three sectors, three issues

Bank branches typically comprise three zones with specific access control requirements:

The self-service banking area: ensure constant availability

In this space, accessible round the clock, the priority for banks is to provide customers with banking services (ATM/ACD) with maximum security via linked surveillance systems.
Therefore, high-performance security devices, including cameras, anti-fraud systems and access control must be installed.

The “Business space”: guarantee personal safety

This area is especially sensitive as the public interacts with bank employees. Thus, maximum safety must be ensured for both branch staff and customers. Smart management of access points with authorisation for bank employees during bank opening hours is a key component of any security system.

The secure enclosure zone: carry out maintenance and cash replenishment operations

Banks aim for continuous cash availability for their customers. To achieve this, they must allow cash-in-transit firms and maintenance technicians to easily access the secure enclosure zone at the required time.
By installing a dynamic access control solution, banks are able to meet the standards and requirements of this environment.

Cash-in-transit: the importance of access control

Optimised cash run management helps ensure continuous availability at branches and in off-site ATM/ACD machines.
Reducing the number of round trips by cash-in-transit firms to and from cash centres is essential to improving cash transit operational efficiency.
The MyLocken app allows users to renew access rights from a smartphone at any time. Access rights for cash-in-transit firms can be programmed for very short periods of time to match their access requirements, preventing failed access or attempted fraudulent access.
For off-site ATMs/ACDs, the EKIKNOX solution offers greater control over urgent callouts and improves the cash replenishment process.


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