Locken wins overwhelming praise for its service
The figures from the latest independent satisfaction survey conducted on Locken’s behalf offer an eloquent commentary on the company’s performance:
  • 92% of clients exceeded their project’s initial objectives once the Locken solution was rolled out.
  • 97% of them would be prepared to recommend Locken to other companies as a supplier of access-control solutions.
12 March 2013 News

The survey was conducted in 5 countries (France, Spain, Belgium, the United Kingdom and, Portugal) among a random group of 70 client companies and 95 users.

This result reinforces strengthens Locken’s desire to try and establish a close relationship with its clients, so that it can in order to meet their needs as effectively as possible and, over and above security imperatives, enable them to enhance their operational efficiency and cut reduce their costs.

Industries and clients

Locken is a best-in-class partner for large, multi-site companies. Its access control solutions are controlled by a single software package for various industries. Its solutions are particularly suited to critical infrastructure and companies with many remote sites, and designed to simplify and protect access to administrative buildings and industrial facilities.

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