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Sponsor of the seventh issue of the Spanish magazine iAgua, on 25 June, LOCKEN took part in a morning event dedicated to the theme of "water and industry", organised by this publication's editorial team. Carlos Fernández, Director of the "Mediterranean" region at LOCKEN and spokesperson at the event, pointed to the challenges of managing access in various critical sectors and the water sector in particular.
17 April 2015 News

While acknowledging Locken peripheral position in respect of the day’s theme, Carlos highlighted the key role of access management for sensitive multi-site infrastructures.

Carlos went on to describe the difference between “Access Control” and “Access Management”. Although the two concepts provide answers to the same questions, i.e. who can enter which site and when, the notion of “access management” also factors in consideration of access conditions, in other words, why an individual is authorized to enter a site.

Carlos continued his presentation by explaining the expectations of multi-site companies which are often deemed to be sensitive – information gathered during the multiple contacts which LOCKEN teams have had with these companies over the years. Improvement in service quality and productivity feature among the principal expectations followed by the control of risks in the workplace. Stepping up security comes in fourth.

By positioning itself as a company dedicated to upgrading multi-site infrastructures and consequently their protection, LOCKEN is ideally placed to meet these concerns. In the space of 12 years, the company has acquired considerable expertise in this field and demonstrated its capacity to deliver tailored solutions.
In conclusion, Carlos more specifically set out the LOCKEN vision for the “water and industry” tandem. He outlined the transformations under way on the water sector and their repercussions for infrastructures which have to take these new requirements on board without delay.

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Locken is a best-in-class partner for large, multi-site companies. Its access control solutions are controlled by a single software package for various industries. Its solutions are particularly suited to critical infrastructure and companies with many remote sites, and designed to simplify and protect access to administrative buildings and industrial facilities.

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