Locken equips 500 telecom sites for siea
By equipping all the SIEA utility Telecom sites, LOCKEN once again positions itself as the key supplier of access management solutions to telecommunications sector. On completion of the first installation phase, SIEA's Infrastructure & Deployment Manager comments: "We had a lot of sites to be fitted out and a lot of involved parties to manage in this safeguarding project for our fibre optic infrastructures. The wide range of LOCKEN products on offer helped us find the right solutions for our requirements. The project manager, our dedicated LOCKEN contact, was on hand to help, demonstrating a good understanding of our issues and providing appropriate answers."
15 February 2014 news

SIEA is a leading energy – gas and electricity – and electronic communications company. Serving 419 communes in the east of France, SIEA’s operations include infrastructure works for its telecommunications network.
Generally installed on remote outdoor sites, SIEA’s telecoms equipment includes around 500 street cabinets and 13 data collection points that need to be accessed by a large number of technicians and maintenance operators of whom around 90% are subcontractors.

SIEA has to secure and manage approximately 30,000 individual access requirements each year. To meet this need, the Syndicat chose a LOCKEN solution, perfectly tailored to resolving the main issues it faced: the need to improve security on the sensitive sites, facilitate and guarantee subcontractor access, set up centralized administration and ensure access traceability.

The sites are now permanently protected, users have a single key instead of the 5 or 6 required previously, the LOCKEN software is integrated into SIEA’s information system for global site management and all events are relayed back to the central system.

The fact that access rights can be updated regardless of where the key is located, and instantly when a user is assigned to an access right distributor, is another major advantage for this company employing a large number of subcontractors.

Industries and clients

Locken is a best-in-class partner for large, multi-site companies. Its access control solutions are controlled by a single software package for various industries. Its solutions are particularly suited to critical infrastructure and companies with many remote sites, and designed to simplify and protect access to administrative buildings and industrial facilities.

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