Interview with Pierre Bourgmayer, General Manager of the Iseo Group: “The synergies between Locken and Iseo are drivers for success”
As the Iseo Group celebrates its 50 years in business, Pierre Bourgmayer takes a look back over the company's history and confirms why its partnership with Locken makes perfect sense.

How has Iseo grown from a family-run company into an international business within the space of 50 years?

Iseo is a long-standing company that has maintained deep-rooted ties with its local area, while developing its market presence in over 50 countries. This philosophy sets Iseo apart from other companies in the lock systems and access control sector.
18 September 2019 News

Iseo’s success can first be attributed to its strong presence in northern Italy’s lakes region, which lies close to the Swiss border. This area happens to boast the second highest concentration of industry in Europe and delivers the dynamic design flair and cutting-edge technology that we need to move our Group forward. It offers a powerful incentive for staying ahead of the innovation curve.
Continuity in management also represents another key factor for success. The company was founded by the Facchinetti family back in 1969 and its president is Evaristo Facchinetti, the founder’s son. Iseo is led by a tightly knit team featuring a mix of family members and employees who share the same spirit and value the Group’s independence.

Although our products are sold around the world, our strategy does not involve a constant race for growth, but instead ensuring gradual and long-term development in complementary sectors or new geographical areas.

How do Locken and Iseo complement one another?

Iseo started out in business by manufacturing mechanical security products and leveraging an extensive indirect sales network. Ten years ago, we decided to incorporate electronic access control systems into our range.
Locken provides the Group with expert insights into a number of sectors, such as water, energy and telecommunications, which contain complex infrastructures requiring control over thousands of access points. Locken also has the ability to design bespoke solutions and services geared towards the needs of large organisations.
In return, Iseo allows Locken to benefit from its sales network spanning every continent and its “product” innovations. For example, the ATEX-certified key has enabled Locken to offer the first independent, cable-free access control solution that is compatible with explosive environments (see our article on this subject).

How is this partnership paying dividends?

We have already won some major contracts for several tens of thousands of access points. A prime example is Scottish Power Network, a leading producer and supplier of electricity in the UK, which chose Locken to improve security at 17,000 sites and protect 23,000 access points. We could also mention Enedis (see article in this newsletter), Veolia, and Crossrail, which is completing work on an ultra-modern 100 km underground line through central London. Several telecoms operators and firms operating in the water sector across Europe and the Middle East have also chosen the Locken solution to bring greater security to their access points.
This goes to show how the synergies between Locken and Iseo drive success.
It gives us every reason to believe in our ability to gain the trust of new customers.

Industries and clients

Locken is a best-in-class partner for large, multi-site companies. Its access control solutions are controlled by a single software package for various industries. Its solutions are particularly suited to critical infrastructure and companies with many remote sites, and designed to simplify and protect access to administrative buildings and industrial facilities.

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