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Plug-and-play and tailored access control solutions

With its extensive consulting expertise, Locken gears its solutions to the expectations of each and every customer.
Plug-and-play satisfies all user needs in most situations while our customised solution meets their specific requirements and seamlessly integrates into their value chain.


Pre- and post-project expert advice

Locken’s teams are adept project leaders with the ability to define requirements, deploy the solution and oversee its development within the company. This allows customers to focus on their core business.
Locken also offers training plans to boost employee productivity and help customers get the most out of the solution.

An exclusive discussion with each customer

Locken’s engineers will carry out an integration study with the customer’s assistance, ensuring link-up with the customer’s information system. Access management then becomes an inextricable link in the company’s information chain and a fully-fledged business tool.

Ongoing support

With customer satisfaction its number one concern, Locken offers a technical support hotline and continuously improves its solution through software maintenance.
Always responsive and available, Locken’s teams provide much more than a simple access control system: they seek to address every need, be it simple or complex.

An adaptable access control solution

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