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17 years of innovation and know-how in access control technologies

Locken is founded on R&D and an in-depth understanding of each customer’s core business. Guiding the company’s development since the very beginning, these two lines of focus have helped shape its teams’ skills and expertise.
The numerous technological breakthroughs and testimonials from key customers during Locken’s 15-year history are clear evidence of our abilities in this area.


Technological innovation in access control

Technological innovation is an essential part of Locken's identity. The company has developed and marketed an all-new cable free access control solution for outdoor, isolated and sensitive sites since its beginnings in 2003. Over the years, a host of software and hardware breakthroughs have made access control a key performance driver. To this day, Locken continues to draw on the latest technologies to address future challenges.
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From plug-and-play to customised solutions

With its extensive consulting expertise, Locken gears its solutions to the expectations of each and every customer. Plug-and-play satisfies all user needs in most situations while our customised solution meets their specific requirements and seamlessly integrates into their value chain.

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References and case studies

A company's success can be measured by its ability to create value for its customers. From Locken's point of view, success means transforming access control obstacles into performance drivers. Our customer testimonials underline the ability of Locken’s engineers to gain an insight into their businesses to deliver a high value-added, tailored solution.
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