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Electronic key product range

Locken offer a wide range of electronic cylinders and padlocks with best-fit solutions for every industry and access requirement. All are fully compatible with the electronic key and controlled by the solution’s nerve centre: the Locken Smart Access software. Access rights distribution methods are many and varied.

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The electronic key

The electronic key in the Iseo F9000 range holds the energy source and access rights which are transmitted to the cylinder when inserted into the lock. If the key is lost or stolen, simple disabling renders it unusable. It also features a mechanical profile to ensure compatibility with traditional locks. Keys communicate with cylinders using contactless induction technology for improved system performance and reliability. Various versions of the electronic key are available: UP (standard), ON (Bluetooth module), EM (back-up key) and PR (programmable). All are engineered to meet market standards: (anchor point towards the bottom block)

Electronic cylinders and padlocks

Locken markets a wide range of electronic cylinders and padlocks for all access types, compliant with the strictest requirements.

Browse some of the electronic cylinders and padlocks in our wide range:

Access right distributors and recharging

Locken offers access right distributors to tie in with its mobile solution comprising a Bluetooth electronic key and the MyLocken app. These fixed devices allow users to update access rights in keys and upload user history to the central system from any remote location

Dispositifs individuels mobiles

Dispositifs fixes

Modems / routeurs


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Induction technology: major innovation

Locken’s electronic key access control solution is based on the contactless induction technology patented by the Iseo Group. Advantages for the user include the fastest opening times of any wireless access control system and exceptional ruggedness with no contact between the key and cylinder.

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