Locken deploys its access control solution for Renvico

In 2018, Locken initiated roll-out of its access control solution across 18 electricity generation sites run by Renvico, a wind farm construction and management expert. Each of these energy production sites contains between 5 and 16 wind turbines. For the project, Renvico opted for Locken's latest generation electronic keys where state-of-the-art electronics meet a mechanical component.

7 February 2019

The choice of innovative access control technologies

Contactless communication between the key and cylinder immediately opens the door and prevents dust and oxidation from building up in the cylinder and jamming doors – a major plus for sites exposed to extreme weather conditions.The new key contains a Bluetooth module allowing the MyLocken app on the user’s smartphone to send access authorisation to the key at each site.
Renvico uses contractors to carry out time-limited services in restricted areas, however, technicians need permanent access to their assigned sites. Locken’s system gives the option to personalise access for specific validity periods with a single key given to all users for all the site’s installations. Olivier Rouchouze, maintenance and operation manager at Renvico France, says:

Standing 100 metres high and packed with high-voltage equipment, these wind turbines can only be accessed by workers with authorisation to work at height and on dangerous electrical equipment," says Olivier Rouchouze, Maintenance and Operations Manager at Renvico France. "Assigned in real time from a centralised platform, access rights are only granted by Renvico to people with up-to-date authorisation. This is the advantage of being able to connect Locken's access control software (Locken Smart Access) to our own databases

Olivier Rouchouze, maintenance and operation manager at Renvico France

Induction technology: major innovation

Locken’s electronic key access control solution is based on the contactless induction technology patented by the Iseo Group. Advantages for the user include the fastest opening times of any wireless access control system and exceptional ruggedness with no contact between the key and cylinder.

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