Lincoln’s Inn University and barristers’ society

Locken implements access control management for lincoln's inn

In 2016, the solution was installed at Lincoln's Inn, the UK's leading law university and prestigious society of barristers and judges, to manage access to all its central London buildings. Next to the Royal Court of Justice and dating back to the 14th century, this historic Inn comprises nine collegiate buildings with 127 end users, including house staff, regular contractors and resident scholarship students.

7 February 2019

Advantages of Locken access control solutions for an establishment like Lincoln’s Inn

Given the buildings’ age and architectural design, networking the various access points was never an option. Hardwiring would have been too complex and expensive and most wireless locking solutions would have been unsuitable for the many historic doors. For the Inn, the advantages of a key-based access management solution were far superior to traditional mechanical locks and networked access control.  Nicholas Bracey, Chief Porter at Lincoln’s Inn, explains:

This solution has allowed us to install 21st-century technology easily and discreetly on doors that are well over 100 years old. With the solution’s operational software, we’re able to manage more than 3,000 transactions a month and put users into specific access groups based on profile. This gives us complete flexibility

Nicholas Bracey, Chief Porter at Lincoln's Inn



Induction technology: major innovation

Locken’s electronic key access control solution is based on the contactless induction technology patented by the Iseo Group. Advantages for the user include the fastest opening times of any wireless access control system and exceptional ruggedness with no contact between the key and cylinder.

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