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Missions et values

Optimised access management is a key contributor to company performance. As a result, Locken is committed to turning access control into a profitability driver by drawing on the core values guiding the day-to-day work of its teams.


Committed to performance

Locken’s number one aim is to get to grips with each customer’s safety and operational challenges and offer a suitable plug & play or customised solution.
Its role is to facilitate and secure access to companies in order to streamline employee movement and reduce access management costs.
To get there, Locken looks to its team of experts who analyse each company’s individual needs and gear the solution to its challenges and obstacles.

Locken: built on values


Innovation is the backbone of Locken’s approach: a multifaceted strategy based on cutting-edge technologies and value-added services which has won Locken a number of awards.


Locken aims to build mutual trust and establish a close relationship with its employees, customers, suppliers and partners.


Locken combines product quality with strict manufacturing processes, winning a Vodafone Group award for service quality in Spain.


Locken’s energetic teams share a taste for challenge, flexibility and superior performance with their customers.

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