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Corporate and social responsibility

“Achieving the highest level of excellence in their professional, social and environmental relations is a key priority for Iseo Group companies, especially Locken. This means full compliance with laws, standards, best practices, obligations and commitments to employees, partners, customers, suppliers, competitors and professional associations.”

Paolo Laini, Quality, Ethics & Environmental Director, Iseo Group


Our commitment

With clear communication and excellent services, Locken builds trust with its customers and works with them to identify the best-fit solutions for their requirements.
At Locken, we continue to uphold the entrepreneurial spirit and values that have guided the company since day one. We have joined an international Group, but our high standards remain intact. Our traditional values include honesty, humility, empathy, individual and group responsibility and quality commitments. Innovation, development, creativity and a service mindset inspire us daily.
We encourage individual and group development in the company and seek to lead our industry and maintain our reputation as a trendsetter.
We have been awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification in acknowledgement of the company’s strategy since its beginnings in 2003. Certification is evidence of Locken’s commitment to superior service, reflecting the quality of its solution and endorsing the company’s expertise with a recognised label.
We champion the Iseo Group’s values and all employees work in line with the Group’s Code of Ethics.

Our environment

Goals that we pursue in our immediate area include:

  • Community development through employment opportunities, wage and tax payments, talent development and wealth production.
  • Environmental protection through a reduction in pollution, waste and the consumption of natural resources, especially energy.
  • Partnerships with humanitarian and social action projects.
  • An active contribution to national and international associations and trade unions in a spirit of shared social responsibility.

Our employees

Locken’s employees are the company’s strongest asset and a key factor when it comes to standing out in the market. With this belief, Locken has developed and implemented a clear employee welfare policy with:

  • Health and safety in the workplace
  • Information transparency and communication across the company
  • An inspiring, coherent and transparent remuneration policy
  • Equal opportunities and responsible recruitment processes
  • Delegation and teamwork to encourage motivation and self-realisation
  • Continuous learning at all levels
  • A balance between work, family and leisure activities
  • Staff diversity (nationality, language and gender)
  • Continuity and growth prospects in all positions to foster personal development

Our suppliers

Locken cultivates the partnership, mutual enrichment, equality and respect with suppliers that it would like to receive from customers, with:

  • A fair and responsible supplier selection process (no personal or group commission, gifts or preferential treatment)
  • Win-win relationships, refusing purchasing conditions or payments liable to jeopardise their financial solvency or jobs while building long-term mutually satisfying relationships
  • Awareness of supplier working conditions and any developments in this area

Our customers

  • Locken provides its customers with safe, reliable, high-quality products and services at competitive prices
  • Locken’s number one priority is complete satisfaction with employees bound and committed to achieving this
  • Locken has access to customer satisfaction analysis methods
  • Locken manages procedures and systems for incident control and correction
  • Locken is subject to various external audits (auditors, BPI, Coface, Achilles, etc.) which have won the company certification and recognition from the biggest organisations in France

Sustainable environment

  • Locken helps protect the environment by reducing natural resource consumption and preventing energy wastage, pollution and waste
  • Locken is fully committed to European WEEE Directive (2002/96/EC) of 13 August 2005 and affiliated to ADEME for the recording and monitoring of waste
  • All Locken sites are equipped with battery disposal containers and – though our electronic document management system keeps our paper production to a minimum – printed paper is reused where possible and, once unusable, shredded and recycled

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