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Locken Smart Access Sofware

The Locken Smart Access (LSA) software is the backbone of Locken’s access control solutions. This simple, secure software uses just one platform to manage all Locken solutions, from electronic keys to mechanical keys, smartphones and badge systems.


A secure, customisable software suite

The Locken Smart Access (LSA) software allows users to customise their access. The plug-and-play version covers all user needs, while the customised version meets the specific requirements of each company and bolsters its value chain.
The program successfully interfaces with customer information systems and incorporates advanced features, including graphic displays and real-time access request approval. With support from Locken experts, each company has a solution completely tailored to its needs.

User-friendly access management software

New-generation access management software, LSA, features all the latest display and navigation technology. Mapping is a key feature with access points on a Google map, allowing users to view and track activities more easily. These interactive, linked points also allow managers to navigate and open new pages with even more information.

The fully customisable graphic illustration can be geared towards individual company needs and visual environment.

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