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Magnetic induction access control

Locken’s electronic key access control solution is based on the contactless induction technology patented by the Iseo Group. Advantages for the user include the fastest opening times of any access control system and exceptional ruggedness with no contact between the key and cylinder.


Induction technology

The Locken electronic key is the first to use induction technology as part of an access control system. Combining the advantages of a traditional mechanical lock with a state-of-the-art electronic solution, the result is ultimate reliability.

The key and cylinder exchange information through magnetic induction rather than electrical contact. Proven yet revolutionary in the access control sector, this technology offers two major advantages:

  • It makes life easier by opening doors almost instantaneously, with information exchanged between the key and electronic cylinder in less than 80 milliseconds, i.e. the time it takes for a regular key to recognise a mechanical cylinder.
  • It ensures unrivalled durability with contactless communication between the electronic key and cylinder, making it immune to dust, wear and tear and oxidation caused by humidity or salt.

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