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Electronic key solution

The latest-generation electronic key solution combines the advantages of a wireless electronic access control system with the benefits of a mechanical option in a single smart key. The solution also comes with a simple, adaptable software suite, meeting the need for flexibility and security in organisations.


The electronic key

The electronic key is both the system’s brain and energy source. With a mechanical and electronic design, the key offers the following benefits:
– Replaces large bunches of keys
– Eliminates the need for lost key management
– Traces all opened and closed access points
– Unlocks mechanical cylinders
– Real time access rights update through the Bluetooth module and MyLocken App

Innovative solutions for Locken access control by electronic key

Electronic cylinders and padlocks

The electronic cylinders and padlocks are passive. The access rights and power to unlock them are held in the electronic key. No wiring is needed and they easily replace existing cylinders. The F9000 contactless technology patented by Iseo offers the following benefits:
– Immediate contactless opening
– Compliance with the strictest durability, water ingress and corrosion standards
– A wide range of available models

Locken electronic cylinders and padlocks

Access rights management

The Locken Smart Access software is the backbone of the Locken solution. It manages the access rights sent to the key from a smartphone via Bluetooth or a special terminal or PC via the Internet. The software gives the Locken solution the following unique qualities:
– Intuitive use and customisation
– Superior security
– Interoperability with our customers’ IT solutions
– Integration of apps, web portals and all the latest mobility technologies

Management of access rights

Induction technology: major innovation

Locken’s electronic key access control solution is based on the contactless induction technology patented by the Iseo Group. Advantages for the user include the fastest opening times of any wireless access control system and exceptional ruggedness with no contact between the key and cylinder.

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A certified solution

Electronic key certifications

  • EN1303:2005 : durability (mechanical)
  • EN15684:2012 : durability (mechatronic)
  • EN 61000 4-2 : Electrostatic discharge immunity
  • ATEX II 2 G Ex ib IIB T4

Electronic cylinders and padlocks certifications

  • IP66-67-68-69 : water protection grades
  • EN1303/grade 2 : highest grade for resistance against mechanical attacks
  • EN1670/grade C : highest grade for high corrosion resistance
  • EN1303/grade 6 : highest grade for durability
  • ATEX II 2 G Ex ib IIB T4
  • EN15684 (mechatronic)
  • VDS Klasse BZ+

A wide range

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