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What is cyberlock?


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The LOCKEN access control solution is based on an intelligent key and digital cylinders.

The LOCKEN key is the heart of the solution, containing the power source, access rights and traceability.

This electronic key functions with the cyberlock system, which is based on passive electronic cylinders.

The cyberlock cylinders that form part of the LOCKEN solution are available in different lengths, both symmetrical and asymmetrical, offering great adaptability to the specific needs of customers. The electronic cylinders are composed of a housing, a locking latch and – depending on the type – one or two rotating digital cores enclosing the digital security elements.

The cyberlock cylinders are part of the LOCKEN range, which is composed of more than 300 models that adapt to all locks and environments. These cylinders have different characteristics and offer numerous possibilities: knob, double entry, single entry, reinforced anti-drill security, in steel, in nickel-plated brass, with or without a protective rosette.

Like the other LOCKEN digital cylinders, the cyberlock cylinders:

- Are passive and do not require any power supply (or battery) to function

- Function in any position (without either motor or mobile parts) and do not require any special maintenance

- Do not have a mechanical key profile. All LOCKEN electronic cylinders offer the same contact plate for inserting the LOCKEN key

- Are identified by a unique identification number (serial number)

- Can be programmed with different access codes (up to three times)

To open the cylinders, LOCKEN offers three digital keys suitable for numerous possible uses and expectations: an infra-red digital key, an infra-red battery-powered digital key and a Bluetooth digital key.

These electronic keys are 100% digital and evolve with the customers' needs without the constraints imposed by mechanical keys.

Programming the cyberlock cylinders is performed using LOCKEN access management software.