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What is cyberkey?


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The LOCKEN digital key is the heart of the solution and concentrates all the system’s intelligence: It contains the power source access rights and traceability.

This electronic key is based on the cyberkey system, which is an intelligent digital key.

Communication and unlocking are carried out between the cyberkey and the cylinder using an entirely digital process. The absence of a mechanical key profile removes the constraints inherent in a mechanical system: the key access profile (cylinder access rights, validity period etc.) can be entirely reprogrammed.  Once unlocked, the cylinder latch can be activated by a rotation similar to that of a traditional mechanical key.

- The LOCKEN cyberkey is unique and can open one or multiple access points (door, gate, cabinet etc.), thus replacing to advantage a set of keys.

- Each key possesses a unique digital identification number that cannot be modified or reproduced

- A deactivation function makes the cyberkey unusable in the case of theft or loss

- All contacts between the key and the electronic cylinder are stored in the key's internal memory (open cylinders, date, hour, type of event, etc.). The memory of the LOCKEN cyberkey is non-volatile, and records and stores up to 3,300 events.

Customised programming of key planning can be undertaken to enable absolute access control with defined days during specific time periods, for example by integrating holidays with key function start and end dates. Programming is carried out using LOCKEN software.

In order to address a variety of possible uses and expectations, LOCKEN offers three cyberkeys: an infra-red digital key, an infra-red battery-powered digital key and a Bluetooth digital key.

The electronic keys are 100% digital and evolve with the customers' needs without the constraints imposed by mechanical keys.

Designed using green technology, the LOCKEN cyberkey possesses a rechargeable battery which is environmentally friendly.