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Technological innovation: the induction-based mechatronic key

09/13/2017 - 00:00


LOCKEN's permanent quest for innovation has been an important factor in becoming the market leader for smart digital keys with over 150 000 buildings equipped throughout Europe. Today, the Group has taken a further significant step forwards with a new solution based on magnetic induction.
Due to this new process, LOCKEN combines the advantages of a traditional mechanical lock with a state-of-the-art electronic solution to offer an unprecedented standard of reliability.

In this new mechatronic solution, the information is exchanged between the key and the cylinder by magnetic induction, rather than by an electrical contact.
This revolutionary technology has two major benefits:
  • It allows for much smoother use by opening the lock almost instantaneously, because the information is exchanged between the key and the cylinder in fewer than 80 milliseconds, i.e. the time it takes for a regular key to recognise a mechanical cylinder.
  • The communication between the key and the cylinder is contact-free, so it is not disrupted by problems due to rust, wear or the presence of dust in the cylinder. Consequently the reliability of the locks is unmatched.
Also included is a Bluetooth module, which means the mechatronic key communicates with the user’s smartphone using the MyLocken app. In this case, it is capable of offering centralised control and case-by-case, real-time access control, reaching standards of security that are usually only available from on-line access control systems.
As with other solutions supplied by LOCKEN, this mechatronic solution does not require any on-site wiring or batteries for the lock, because the key supplies the cylinder with the energy and the information required to open the lock. In this way, users working on large infrastructures or complex sites with multiple points of access can make do with a single key. The solution is made even more flexible by its purely mechanical component, which can be used to open conventional mechanical cylinders, wherever the two types of locks co-exist within the same system.
The mechatronic key complements the LOCKEN range of solutions and services by meeting ever more stringent demands. It combines the robustness of the traditional mechanism, the performance of induction-based transmission and perfect traceability.