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MyLocken Applications

The Locken Smart Access (LSA) software is the backbone of Locken’s access control solutions. This simple, secure software uses just one platform to manage all Locken solutions, from electronic keys to mechanical keys, smartphones and badge systems.


MyLocken Applications

The MyLocken apps can be integrated into operational processes to improve the company’s access management.
Their primary function is to allow smartphone and Bluetooth electronic key users to retrieve their access rights on-site and in real time. The apps’ centralised control and individual real-time access management offer a level of security usually restricted to online access control systems.
The MyLocken apps also enhance access control systems with a host of new services covering: safety (lone worker protection), security (lost key reporting), operational management and customer process compliance (joint management of access schedules, access notifications, etc.).
Combined with leading-edge technology (beacons, RFID, etc.), the apps can be used to send context-sensitive information including activity durations, authorisations, non-conformity reports, on-site presence notifications, etc. MyLocken apps can also be tailored to customer requirements.

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