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Mechatronic cylinder without mechanical key pattern


mechatronic cylinder - Locken












LOCKEN is the leader in the digital access control sector in France and Europe. LOCKEN's original electronic solution is based on an intelligent key together with mechatronic cylinders, making the company unique in its market.

LOCKEN cylinders are mechatronic cylinders that combine a digital code with mechanical activation.

LOCKEN's mechatronic cylinder has no mechanical profile and is therefore burglar- proof. This is how it differs from other mechatronic cylinders on the market.

The LOCKEN range of mechatronic cylinders consists of more than 300 models in order to better address user expectations. The variety of cylinder profiles (European, Scandinavian, Swiss, and British) and applications (vending machines, safes, fencing, doors, etc.) enable considerable adaptability to door locks and make installation extremely simple.

All LOCKEN mechatronic cylinders are without energy and do not require any electric cabling. The power is provided by the LOCKEN digital key when it is inserted into the end of the mechatronic cylinder.  

The mechatronic cylinder provides increased security due to opening with the LOCKEN digital key.

LOCKEN products are controlled by LOCKEN software, which can be used to suspend access rights : it is no longer necessary to replace keys or cylinders in the case of loss or theft of keys.

The advantages of the LOCKEN mechatronic cylinder compared to traditional cylinders:

- Electronic keys cannot be duplicated

- The cylinders are tamperproof

- Cylinders and access restrictions can be programmed by hour and date

- All events can be tracked by key and by cylinder

If you require any additional information or a quotation, please contact (+33) 01 56 37 00 50 or go to the "Contact" section.