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Marseille Chanot Exhibition and Convention Centre installs LOCKEN solution

05/13/2015 - 00:00

With some 450 access points fitted with LOCKEN electronic cylinders, Marseille Chanot illustrates LOCKEN's exhibition centre expertise.


Since 2010, the installation of the LOCKEN access control solution to all of the centre's access points has made day-to-day operations flow much more smoothly.

Olivier Dudieuzère, Marseille Chanot Operations Director, explains: "The LOCKEN key, with its configurable rights, has replaced all of our old bunches of mechanical keys and brought great flexibility to our access management.  In our events-related business, the benefits are two-fold: as well as making security, cleaning, logistics and maintenance operations by our 120 in-house and contracted staff run more smoothly, the solution makes it simple for us to give temporary access rights to clients during their events. This means that we can manage the 750 door opening operations each day with ease."

Marseille Chanot now has a fully optimised access infrastructure, with centralised management and increased security levels.

As proof of its expertise, the LOCKEN solution is in use at other major exhibition centres in Europe, making the company the leading supplier of access control equipment for exhibition centres and large sites. 


About Marseille Chanot:

Marseille Chanot Exhibition and Convention Centre offers a customised approach, with a wide range of spaces under one roof in the heart of the city. With 60,000 m2 of covered areas and 60,000 m2 of outdoor space, it plays host to some 250 public and trade events every year.