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LOCKEN provides Toulouse airport with access control

02/08/2016 - 00:00

Like other European airports, the Toulouse Blagnac airport has chosen LOCKEN for the control and management of its multiple access points.

In the field of air transport, the need to ensure the smooth flow of operations within optimal security conditions is key in determining the choice of equipment. LOCKEN was able to meet all of these requirements to equip the airport's four terminals covering approximately 100,000 sq.m with 8.5 million passengers transiting every year.

Alain de la Meslière, Director of Operations and member of the airport's Executive Board explains: "When it comes to access control, we face all kinds of challenges; the most demanding one being to ensure foolproof control of sensitive access points and restricted areas. It is compulsory for the system in place to provide us with accurate information about access. The LOCKEN solution, which enables data supervision and validation of the proper conduct of regulatory inspections, genuinely meets with this requirement. The system also offers real added value in terms of flexibility of access rights. Inside the perimeter of airport infrastructures, numerous projects are conducted to upgrade the airport facilities and it is essential to be able to grant limited rights to employees of external companies who work on the site. It would be fair to say that the Locken solution contributes effectively to our strategic objectives in terms of Customer service performance and security".

Now deployed across all of the airport's infrastructures, the solution allows almost 2,000 users to make thousands of daily entries.

The main LOCKEN users are airport assistants, official partners who must be able to respond to emergency situations, airport employees and various external service providers. The LOCKEN solution enables optimal management of the widely varying access needs of all intervening parties.

Committed to a strategy of expansion which should be accompanied by a rapid development of its infrastructures, the airport will be able to call on LOCKEN and its scalable solution for help in equipping new access points.