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electronic door lock Locken

The LOCKEN cable free access control solution which is fully digital and scalable is specifically designed for multi-sites businesses and large single-site companies.

By implementing a fully electronic access control system, LOCKEN allows companies to ensure access management, security and information collection.

The LOCKEN smart key is the heart of the solution: it incorporates the energy source, the access rights and traceability. The key transmits the energy and the access rights to the Locken electronic cylinders, allowing instantaneous unlocking of the door.

There are more than 300 models of electronic door lock s that can be installed without adaptation of the doors only by replacement of existing cylinders. The electronic door lock can be used in extreme climatic conditions.

The  LOCKEN innovating solution is perfectly adapted to risks of theft and loss of keys as these are not reproducible and electronic door lock s are unpickable. In addition, the access rights are modifiable at all time : they can be updated through an access rights authorizer, which provides the ability to manage the access rights of many users. Thanks to the new Locken mobile app and the new Wifi and Bluetooth keys, access rights can also be updated in real time directly on site.  To ensure control, managers can recover data via the key. 3900 events can be saved into the key LOCKEN and 1100 can be saved on electronic door lock.

The LOCKEN solution is customizable. More than 1 300 000 LOCKEN electronic door lock s are installed worldwide. This solution is particularly suited for industries such as water authorities, telecom operators, electricity suppliers, banking sector, airports…

 LOCKEN offer individual support (phone support) to continuously improve customer satisfaction.

For further information or for a quotation, please call (+33) 01 56 37 00 50 or go to the contact session.