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LOCKEN Group, the leading European IT & Service provider in access control, has partnered with CyberLock, the world leader in key-centric manufacturing.  This key-centric technology from which originates the Cyberkey has contributed to develop the most advanced cable free access control solution in Europe

Proven technology

Cyberlock, part of the Videx group, manufacturer of innovative technology, was the first company to design a pure key centric access control solution, fully digital and with a minimum of mechanical elements. By eliminating the cable between the lock and the managing software, Cyberlock has made access control possible in remote locations.

This award winning technology has been since then installed on over 1,300,000 access points

Winning partnership

With its unique expertise in software development and customization of access control solutions, LOCKEN have enhanced the Cyberlock technology for the European market.

For over 12 years, LOCKEN and Cyberlock have been successfully developing this partnership to remain at the forefront of the innovation and to meet the needs of their own markets in Europe and in the USA.

This winning partnership has permitted LOCKEN to equip 150,000 sites throughout Europe.