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Identification system


identification system - Locken


LOCKEN offers an identification and access control  system based on a smart electronic key and electronic cylinders. This electronic identification system is cable-free. Five components combine to make the solution both flexible and secure: a unique electronic key, cylinders requiring no power source, remote access right distribution, a simple and flexible software suite and customised services.

Each key in the LOCKEN electronic identification system is reprogrammable, cannot be duplicated and has a unique identification number. The key contains the power source, access rights and tracking capability. It has no mechanical profile. Its smart core works with all cylinders in the LOCKEN range, comprising over 300 models.


LOCKEN electronic cylinders are passive and require no power source: they only unlock on contact with the key which transmits power and communicates the access rights. Since no data on access rights is stored in the cylinders, there is no need to physically visit the doors to reprogramme rights.

The LOCKEN identification system also includes access right distributors that are used to update the access rights on the keys and upload usage history to the central system. These operations are performed simply from a dedicated fixed terminal, mobile phone or computer connected to the Internet.

The software can be interfaced with other access control applications that use cards, alarms, remote monitoring, etc. It provides the administrator with precise information on all events and generates email alerts and automatic reports to the managers concerned.

The identification system developed by LOCKEN is safe, economical and effective. It is especially suitable for the security requirements of multi-site and multi-service provider enterprises. Almost 100,000 sites in Europe have already been equipped with the LOCKEN identification and access control system.

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